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About Leafspring

Our Leafsprings, guaranteed OEM quality, heavy-duty, and durable Multi-Leaf and Parabolic Springs

In 1994, carrying the name TIGER Leafsprings, the same German brand that has served Europe for over 120 years, was brought to the country, along with all the equipment and technology. Thus, it became the first in the Philippines to make Parabolic Leafsprings for heavy duty performance.

Ever since, Roberts AIPMC’s TIGER Leafsprings has been the only manufacturer in the Philippines to make the full range of leafsprings – from the conventional to the parabolic type.

The Tiger brand of Roberts AIPMC is equated with ultimate strength and durability by major OEM assemblers in and out of the country, as well as the Philippine aftermarket.

With the capacity to produce 600 tons per month, Tiger supplies both Multi-leaf and Parabolic Springs to major customers such as Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Toyota Motors Philippines, Isuzu Motors Philippines, Nissan, Columbian Motors, Kia Motors Philippines, Hino, and Francisco Motors Corporation.

Tiger’s continuously expanding market now transcends Philippine boundaries as it now exports its OEM-quality leafsprings.

With Roberts AIPMC’s Tiger Leafsprings, customers are guaranteed with heavy duty performance and ultimate strength. Only imported quality raw materials are used. Tiger Leaf Springs undergo no less than four tests that are up to car manufacturer standards:

  1. Fatigue test to determine durability, elasticity and fatigue life of leafspring assemblies
  2. Hardness test to ensure that the leaves are on the right hardness and that the heat treatment process performs well
  3. Shot peening to increase the fatigue life and smoothen leaf surface through a process wherein steel shots are propelled at the tension side of the leaf
  4. Load testing to identify the load classification in order to ensure the right posture of the vehicle when installed.

Topping all these fatigue tests is Tiger’s rigid Quality Control Inspection wherein dimensional and visual inspections are performed to ensure a good fit in the vehicle.

With its German technology, imported raw materials, series of rigid tests, and a full range of leafspring products, all Leafspring customers – whether the OEM assembler or the Philippine aftermarket – are guaranteed of leaf springs that can withstand the most stressful conditions.

Testing Facilities:

  • Leafspring Fatigue Tester
  • Hardness Tester
  • Shot Peening Machine
  • Load Tester

We also manufacture parabolic type of leafspring for Mercedes, Volvo and Man.

Multi- leafsprings for:

  • Bus
  • Trucks
  • Jeeps
  • Tri-cycles

We are trusted by the Original Equipment Manufacturers like:
Hino, Mitsubishi Motor Philippines and Columbian Motors