What important items should you have in your car’s first aid kit in case of emergency situations? 1. A First Aid Kit Book: A book that can provide you the information on how to handle various emergency situations. 2. Bandages and splints: Bandages and splints help you deal with wounds and broken bones. 3. Medicines: Medicines like

Getting a new car is exciting and is considered by many to be a milestone, particularly if it is their first one. But what a lot of first time car owners don’t know is that there is a thing called the break-in period. The hassle of car repair is universal; muffler replacement and even oil

Here in the Philippines, motorcycles are the preferred type of transportation compared to privately owned vehicles because of their accessible price point and their versatility. If you did not know, traffic is a common occurrence in the city streets of the Philippines, which makes motorcycle use an imperative. People use this mode of transport to