While the Philippines is a place of scorching heat, there will always be those days when rain pours like crazy. Not only can this increase difficulty in driving, but it can also cause significant damage to your vehicle itself, especially to the steel parts like the suspension, U-bolt, and so on. To minimize such unwanted

For every automobile, the steel tubes are the framework, the engine is its lungs, while the battery is the heart. Alongside the engine, the battery is responsible for making automobiles, well, mobile. Batteries usually last up to four years, but wouldn’t every car owner be happier if they lasted significantly longer than that? Here are

First-time drivers are always eager to grab the keys, turn on the engine, step on the accelerator, and dominate the steering wheel. They yearn to experience the exhilaration of hearing those metal parts roar as you step on the gas and cruise open roads unhindered by traffic. However, it is also typical for a first-time driver

A couple of weeks ago, we went through the different parts of the exhaust system. In this entry, we’re going straight to business and talk about the things you can do to make your exhaust system last. We all know that your car’s exhaust system plays a crucial role in ensuring that your car runs

Due to its corrosive resistance, stainless steel is king since it is the most versatile material used in making steel tubes. It requires little to no maintenance, doesn’t rust and doesn’t affect other metals it comes in contact with. It is used in many applications due to its extreme durability and resistance, able to withstand

Having been around since ancient times, steel itself is still used today extensively for the construction and creation of buildings and infrastructures. It has remained by far the most sought-after material by construction experts and workers due to its malleability, which enables it to be shaped in any way through welding. Because it can be

A car’s exhaust system has evolved considerably over the years. With automotive manufacturers trying to outdo each other for the most eco-friendly car models, it’s no wonder that car designers are constantly trying to develop the exhaust system. But what exactly is an exhaust system, and how important is it that we should know more

As a motorist, there are a number of things you can do to minimize your carbon footprint. Although many people claim that global warming is a hoax, it doesn’t take a scientist to see the effect that greenhouse gases have on our environment. Just take a look at what your exhaust system is spewing and

In a country where bigger is better, it’s no wonder that Filipinos just love their big cars. Just ask your average Juan what his dream car is and he’ll most likely mention a model of a shiny SUV or a macho pickup truck – with a flawless exhaust system and a robust set of tires,

The rainy season is upon us. And during these tumultuous times, it’s important that we take the necessary precautions to avoid getting into any major road accidents. We here at Roberts AIPMC aren’t just concerned about your U-bolts and radiators, but we also value your safety and well being. So without further ado, here are