It’s the first day of school and you’re finally allowed to go there with wheels. But first, check if everything’s in tip top condition. How’s the engine? How about the muffler? If your ride’s doing fine and you’re having trouble what to do next, then here are five things you should think on: Good Parking

You might be wondering what exactly a hybrid car is. Why are we encouraging you to purchase it? Let us start with the “hybrid” part. The word is, by definition, combining two different parts to form a whole. With a hybrid car, you are combining two fuel sources. These are the internal combustion engine and

Beautiful machine: this is the perfect description for any automobile. The purr of its well-honed engine, the shine of lustrous paint on its metal parts, and the speed it gives are just a few reasons why we purchase a set of sweet, hot wheels. But when it comes to having the most cars, no other

Auto manufacturers all over the world helped give us many of the best set of wheels we see rolling down the road today. Production of these rides has been stopped, however, much to the chagrin of many customers. And who could blame them? These vehicles’ u-bolts, mufflers and other auto parts may not be as

You may have heard of numerous sayings about the upkeep of your car. Some of it involves the steel tube rack of your sports vehicle as well as tips on how to keep that radiator running efficiently. But are any of these myths really worth listening to? Are any of these myths real at all?

Despite what everyone thinks, driving is not about enjoying 100% freedom while on the road. You still have to abide by several laws and responsibilities, rules and maneuvers, and countless decisions. Is the exhaust system doing okay? Should I fill my tank up? Dare I risk it and park in that no parking spot? When