STKM-11A Carbon Steel Tube

Roberts AIPMC introduces Carbon Steel Tube (STKM-11A) a major addition to its ever growing list of product offerings. Backed by 20 years of experience in supplying quality metal parts to the automotive and furniture sectors , Roberts AIPMC further diversifies into yet another form of metal processing. Using complete, state of the art machinery and technology coupled with Roberts AIPMC's known reputation of providing quality products and services for its clients at a fair price. This new venture will surely be of high relevance not only to the automotive and furniture sectors but also to various industries that the product may be applicable.

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ROBERTS AIPMC’s Carbon Steel Tube (STKM-11A):

Another major step in the establishment of a culture of excellence in metal manufacturing.

Adhering to the country’s need to produce global competitive but locally-made metal products that can easily be of access to local customers, at a price undoubtedly more competitive to its foreign counterparts, Roberts Carbon Steel Tube (STKM-11A) offers products suitable for structural purposes such as Machinery, Automobiles, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Furnitures and Appliances.

Product specifications are of International Standards, undergone series of tests such as tensile, bending, flattening, hydrostatic and nondestructive electric tests to make sure its suitable for manufacturing use procedures like welding, bending, flanging and similar forming operations. Proof that Roberts AIPMC Carbon Steel Tubes (STKM-11A) will surely be a formidable entry in the growing market of the country’s metal industry.

Product Application

Product Application

Being a new product, Roberts Carbon Steel Tube (STKM-11A) is not relatively a novice in the industry. This new products’ competitiveness is rooted from the 47-year old RGC Group – Southeast Asia and the Philippines’ industrial leader in the manufacturing of polyurethane foams, fabric and metals and currently carrying famous brands such as Uratex foams, as well as Evercool radiators, Tiger leaf springs and Soundex Mufflers, also under Roberts AIPMC’s banner.

Roberts Carbon Steel Tube (STKM-11A) carries the product qualities of diversity as 100 percent of its strength and durability comes from Roberts AIPMC’s over 2 decades of Quality excellence in the metal manufacturing business.