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Car Materials to Use for Upcycling

Thursday, 25 May 2017 by

With how easy it is for people to buy cars in the Philippines, steel tubes and other car parts tend to clutter up the junkyard. Eventually, there will be nowhere else to put them. Luckily, with the rising trend of upcycling, there are multiple ways to use these car parts and turn them into something

Getting a new car is exciting and is considered by many to be a milestone, particularly if it is their first one. But what a lot of first time car owners don’t know is that there is a thing called the break-in period. The hassle of car repair is universal; muffler replacement and even oil

It is indeed a fact that there are a lot of irresponsible vehicle owners in the Philippines today. They don’t abide by the rules and regulations of the road, which causes a lot of harm to humans and the environment. For one, it can cause road accidents, and it can also add to the increasing

Here in the Philippines, motorcycles are the preferred type of transportation compared to privately owned vehicles because of their accessible price point and their versatility. If you did not know, traffic is a common occurrence in the city streets of the Philippines, which makes motorcycle use an imperative. People use this mode of transport to

Whenever you ask a person what their prized possessions are, 9 out of 10 people would include their car in that list. This is all due to the importance of a car to a person. If you think about it, the convenience that a car can bring to that person can outweigh most of his

3 Ways to Customize Your Car

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 by

When buying cars, the first aspect most people look at is how it looks, especially here in the Philippines, where traffic is a common occurrence along the highways and city roads. Why? Because with the numerous cars in traffic, people would want a car that catches the attention of people because of its unique looks

    Each part of your vehicle is important and plays a vital role, may it be aluminum, copper, special fibers, or steel tubes. In the Philippines, some drivers have different bad driving habits, such as over speeding or beating the red light that worsen more the traffic in the metro. On the other hand,

The Difference between Regular and Premium Gas

Thursday, 01 September 2016 by

Steel tubes are used in the Philippines for construction and plumbing purposes, an all-around industrial steel material. Containers that are shaped like steel tubes are used for fluid transfer. One of the most important types of fluids in the world is oil or gas because they are necessary for specific machines to function. As a

All About the Engine Brake

Thursday, 01 September 2016 by

Muffler sellers in the Philippines are essential in the automobile industry because mufflers are a critical part of a vehicle. Aside from mufflers, other parts, like the engine brake, are also necessary to cars. As a car owner, it is vital for you to be knowledgeable when it comes to the different parts of a

Bike Racks for Your Car

Monday, 30 May 2016 by

Bike riders maintain their bicycles in good condition at all times. This entails regularly checking their vehicle, getting the right metal parts in the Philippines for repairs, and using the bike with care. By doing all of these things, riders like you will be able to maintain your bicycle in good working condition at all