Which anime series are highly recommended for auto enthusiasts?  Capeta IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix Mach GO GO GO Wangan Midnight Initial D   Dozens of major racing events happen across the world each month, faithfully watched by millions of fans on a regular basis. From U-Bolt sellers in the Philippines to your regular citizen, everyone

What are the highlights of the 2017 Macau Grand Prix? The GT car pile-up during qualifying. Huff and Bennani winning in Macau’s WTCC stage A Schumacher races in Macau once more   If you ask racing enthusiasts and U-Bolt Philippines sellers, one of the most famous racing events across the world is the legendary Macau

How are automakers creating the cars of tomorrow? Artificial intelligence is being tapped by automakers, with the aims of creating driverless vehicles. The AI system will have to be programmed extensively, and it has to “learn” in order for it to perform like a human driver would. AI-driven cars aim to become more efficient and

Thousands of Filipino public commuters partake in a quest to catch the best possible way to reach their destinations every single day. Every day, the big cities that were snoozed quiet in the night are enveloped in clouds of allergy-inducing dust particles and smoke emissions from the variety of vehicles that congest the lanes in

Feeling like you need to travel far away to escape the reality that is life? You most certainly can! There are plenty of ways to do it too; you can travel by air, water, or land. People often prefer air travel for long-distance trips as it is the quickest way to get to the destination.

Car Crashes That Changed The Game

Monday, 28 March 2016 by

The U-bolt in the Philippines has long been an essential for several models when it comes to suspension. Probably some of the vehicles who figured in these three car crashes also had a U-bolt on their car, but probably not of good quality as it was not made in the Philippines. So what are these

4 Tips for Selling a Used Car

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You can’t keep your car forever; there comes a time when you must say your goodbyes to your automobile. It’s not all that easy to sell a vehicle, but there are some ways you can make your car more attractive to potential buyers. For one, you need to make sure all the parts are complete, from

The Philippines is a lovely country, with so many beautiful landscapes. While driving in Manila leaves a lot to be desired, that’s not the case with the provinces and islands that make up this wonderful archipelago. Beware, though, because not all cars are designed to take on tough terrain. Still, if you insist on driving

The news constantly features malfunctioning vehicles whenever they spot one. But when it’s a pretty severe case, such as the recent Montero Sport incidents, the local car scene gets a massive shock. To think that the model in question is a powerful and prestigious SUV from a widely trusted brand is unbelievable – to say

Grand prix means “big prize” in French. Racecar drivers and racing fans around the world might not remember that as well as they do U-bolts and metal parts, but it doesn’t matter. To them, this phrase means another thing: the Formula One Grand Prix, one of the biggest and most renowned racing events in the