Steel tubes aren’t the only parts renewed in the upgrade of car models; there are of course the mechanisms, features, and body kits. Most of the times, the upgrades are well-loved by the market, but there are still moments where the appreciation doesn’t show. Although the case isn’t so for engine or interior upgrades, it

Due to its corrosive resistance, stainless steel is king since it is the most versatile material used in making steel tubes. It requires little to no maintenance, doesn’t rust and doesn’t affect other metals it comes in contact with. It is used in many applications due to its extreme durability and resistance, able to withstand

If you look around, you’ll notice that steel tubes seem to be in every modern industry imaginable. From manufacturing to construction, you’ll see that the industries are as diverse as the number of tubing materials available. Locally made steel tubes in the Philippines are commonly made from a combination of alloys, making it one of