You’ve heard it a million times before, but we’ll say it again: Do Not Drink and Drive. It’s always been a bad idea and it always will be. There is no excuse for it and it cannot be defended under any circumstances. Intoxicated driving can ruin your car’s steel tubes, hurt your fellow motorists, or

Teenagers would love nothing more than to get their hands on our car keys and start driving like it’s the end of the world. Because hey, who wouldn’t want to show off a set of sexy hot wheels with gleaming chrome-plated steel tubes and top-notch engines to their best pals, anyway? However, most of us

We’re all too familiar with stalwart automobile manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Rolls Royce. But while we’re busy admiring everything about their creations from the sexy frames to their stainless steel tubes, we shouldn’t forget their lesser-known counterparts that also endured the tests of time. In fact, some of the greatest breakthroughs in the automobile

Automobiles, if given proper care by its owner, can pretty much turn a humble citizen into The King of the Road. And one of the many customizations that will surely enhance your ride’s aesthetics is by giving it a glorious paint job. Once you’ve picked the design, paid for the process, and seen the result,

Sometimes, it’s better to do your car maintenance yourself instead of having to bring it to the nearest shop. It’s cheaper, quicker, and a fun learning experience. But don’t go making modifications just yet! You need to be knowledgeable when it comes to auto maintenance. Otherwise, you might end up damaging essential parts from the

In spite of the 21st Century fandom of hybrid vehicles and sexy muscle cars, some hearts remain enamored by the timeless beauty of the classics. Their enigmatic elegance prove to be an irresistible pull for numerous car lovers. Once you take a peek at Jay Leno’s collection, you’ll immediately understand what we’re talking about. But

Doesn’t matter if you have a Mini Cooper or a sexy muscle car – your auto is your baby no matter what. That’s it’s always an emotional burden to take her in for a check-up whenever something’s wrong. It may be an issue with the engine, exhaust system, or steel tubes, but regardless of the

You dearly love music, your barkada, and especially road trips—but don’t admit that you love the adventure more than your friends. You’ll be dead before the next U-turn! So what better way to celebrate your love for the two than to have a super, duper, mega, awesome, ultra, cool, bongga, bonanza road trip somewhere down

Humans have learned to make highly advanced and useful products through their tinkling of technology. These products, as perfect as they can be, take time to decompose—as in centuries; very good humans! And the problem with this slice of reality is that with the rise of the invention comes the surplus of non-biodegradable waste, resulting

In the past century, vehicles have become an essential part of the modernized world. There is convenience in its use and efficiency in its function. Not only that, they also provide optimum safety for both driver and passengers. Manufacturers have been diligent in improving its aesthetics and enhancing its performance through the evolution of certain