Roberts AIPMC

Roberts AIPMC traces its roots to the RGC Group – maker of Uratex Foam and one of the leading polyurethane foam manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Established in 1968, the RGC Group has since grown into the RGC Group of Companies and diversified its product lines from the original foam products to include plastics, textiles, and automotive and industrial parts.

Address: RGC Compound, Canlubang Industrial Estate, Brgy. Pittland, Cabuyao Laguna, Philippines 4025

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Transportation is an essential part of our lives in this modern era. We just have to consider doing some organized checking or updating of the parts of the transportation we use such as the wheels, engine, until the steel tube. In the Philippines, we Filipinos like to travel a lot. Using public transportation is a

Cars have always delighted men and women alike, with the people willing to spend thousands on the latest model and on car modification. Of course, these cars would be nothing without their manufacturers. Take some time off and see these magnificent museums located around the world. The cars on display are complete, from their steel

Admit it! Sometimes you think museums are one of the most boring places on this planet. But what if we tell you there are museums in the world dedicated purely to cars? And not just any car, but to a certain brand. You’ll certainly find these museums interesting as they not only display car parts

Some people, especially those who are concerned about their health, undergo an annual checkup. After all, a lot of health problems can develop within a span of one year. Similarly, cars too should be checked and tuned up on a yearly basis. A lot of wear and tear can happen in three-hundred and sixty-five days,

6 Cool Colors You Can Give Your Ride

Monday, 09 November 2015 by

Your car would run no matter how good or ugly its paint job is. Or not, because, well, how it looks does matter! Ask yourself if you are satisfied with the color scheme of your car. If not, then why not give it a new paint job? And since you’re already at it, why not

Racing isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion. And for many celebrities, the allure of driving is too strong to resist. Indeed, who can resist taking a beautiful car for a spin, testing its steel tubes, mufflers and engines to its limits? Not only do they own some of the hottest rides around, but they

Through the years, a lot of improvements and modifications have been made on the basic car engine, either spearheaded by certain car manufacturers to gain an edge against rivals (aside from installing steel tubes and other metal parts) or undertaken by scientists simply to improve the rides we use today. Below are four such innovations:

Car theft is possibly one of the worst things you could face as a motorist. Either those low-life’s target your ride’s parts such as the steel tubes, the mufflers, and what not, or they’d run off with your entire car altogether. Whatever the case, it’s best that you keep yourself and your vehicle safe. For

You may have heard of numerous sayings about the upkeep of your car. Some of it involves the steel tube rack of your sports vehicle as well as tips on how to keep that radiator running efficiently. But are any of these myths really worth listening to? Are any of these myths real at all?

There are two types of vehicles in the world: one that sports manual transmission and one with automatic. These two are very different, and so is the fluid used for their gearboxes. The transmission fluid is an extremely vital liquid required by your car; it runs through steel tubes as it moves throughout your transmission’s