What are the best examples of road trip essentials to bring out of town? Extra fuel Tools/Toolbox Spare tires Tire-pressure gauge   Cars are some of the greatest pieces of machinery for anyone to own as not only can they take you to various destinations, most of them can also be customized as how you

How did Formula E helped make racing greener? Formula E began in 2014 as a way of promoting environmentally friendly racing The cars are powered by electricity, and fuelled by Glycerine. Major manufacturers include Renault, Audi, Jaguar, and BMW The sport is currently at its fourth season.   Formula racing has been around for a

3 Must-See Car Racing Events This 2018

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What are some absolutely smashing racing events you have to look out for this 2018? Monaco Grand Prix Le Mans Classic Goodwood Revival Amidst the Philippines tropical haven, car enthusiasts rev their excitement in anticipative glee for what is to come this 2018. If you’re not exactly a die-hard motorsport fan and don’t exactly know

What are exciting racing videogames you should try? SEGA Rally – A classic racer that provides you some awesome off-road action. Daytona USA – One of the most colorful and fun racing games on the arcade. Forza Horizon 3 – Xbox’s latest racing title that has the best multiplayer experience. Gran Turismo: Sport – The

What is the Hennessey Venom F5 and what records does it want to break? The Venom F5 is the successor to the Venom GT The F5 refers to the strongest hurricane category in the Fujita scale The car aims to break the production car speed record and go over 300mph. The car is expected to

What are some important roadside repair tips? Always bring your tools and important items Keep a list of emergency contacts Make sure you are in a safe spot Do not leave parts or waste lying around   Driving can be one of the most routine things we do in our daily lives. But once in

What are the worst traffic jams in history? Brebes, Indonesia (July 2016) Beijing, China (August 2010) Bethel New York (August 1969) Lyon-Paris, France (February 1980) East and West Germany (April 1990) If there is one thing that will rattle you and your car’s steel tubes from the Philippines, it would be a long and tight

Steel Tube DIY: Parkour Gym Equipment

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How do I make my parkour structure sturdy? Choose the correct steel tubes: larger diameter for the base and corners; smaller for better grip and movement; everything must have thick interior walls. Use triangle structures on the corner to improve stability and strength. Mount the structure to the wall and/or ground to improve stability and

Steel Tube DIY: Monkey Bars

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How do I make monkey bars out of steel tubes? Dig four 30 inch holes; these should be on the corners of a 12×3 foot rectangle. Place 10 foot 4x4s on these holes. Level them out with rocks and sticks and fill it in with concrete. Attach two 12 foot 2x6s to the lengthwise posts.

  How do I make my own skateboard grind rail? Get some steel tubes, plate steel, a welder, steel primer, and a steel cutter. Cut off the tube into two short legs and one long rail. Cut the steel into bases for the rail. Weld the legs to the feet and the rail to the