3 Crazy Car Engines in History

Thursday, 11 February 2016 by

Cars have long been a passion for many a man and a woman alike. From the first steam powered vehicle, to the gas guzzling car, then to electrically charged automobiles, there is no doubt man has been seeking for new ways to innovate this wonderful mode of transportation. Over the years we’ve taken to modifying

A muffler can lessen the noise of your internal combustion engine, but what use is it if you are abusing it by constantly speeding on the freeway? You might cause a nasty car accident or worse, a death! But that’s not the only thing we drivers are fond of doing; we’ve listed down three other

During the holiday season, a lot of people get very desperate indeed cash to get their family cool presents and a scrumptious Christmas feast. Unfortunately, many of them chose to commit numerous crimes to get their hands on the cash they need! And among these crimes, car-related felonies are among the most popular, ranging from

It’s not you; it’s just how things are – not meant to last forever and has to be replaced. It’s sad, but it’s all for the best. You wouldn’t want to let them stay, only to have you end up in a wreck, do you? I’m talking about car parts, of course! Whether it’s the

You might be holding on to that jalopy of yours desperately in need of a new muffler and a paint job for sentimental reasons or because it’s classic, but you must know when it is finally time to say goodbye. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it anymore; it might be time to get yourself a

It hurts when your baby is taken away from you. Imagine all the effort, money, and time you poured, gone in a flash! Indeed, having your beloved car stolen from you is a heartache that seems impossible to recover from, especially if you just got its muffler replaced. Don’t let this tragedy happen to you!

If only automobiles drove themselves, then people who know cannot or don’t want to drive can finally get a car, while those who drive can leave it on auto-pilot and just relax all the way to their destination whenever they don’t feel like steering the wheel, moving the shift stick, or stepping on pedals. A

The cool guns, the slick suits, the death-defying action, and the hot girls – all of these things are always-present elements in a Bond movie. But it seems like I’m forgetting one important aspect – ah yes, the cars. After all, it’s only fitting for Agent 007, one of the most prominent spies in fictional

The way you park will determine how convenient it’d be for you to return and drive again your vehicle once you have to use it again. Aside from that, proper parking is a sign of courtesy towards other drivers, as an awkward parking would bring them – and in turn you – a bit, if