7 Iconic Cars from Movies

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Shopping for car parts such as a universal muffler at your local parts distributor can sometimes make you wish you had a fancy custom car with all the parts you can see on display. It also reminds you of all the unforgettable cars from movies. To remind you of the beauty these cars exude that

4 Recommended Car Shops in Manila

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When looking for muffler sellers in the Philippines, you might stumble upon some car shops that you think might be the perfect place to bring your car when it breaks down, or when it needs its annual tune up. However, you have to make sure that the garage or shop you’re sending it to is reliable enough

Traffic Jams: Funny Bumper Stickers

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Order online Internet nowadays is part of our lives, or our culture even. Anything could be bought online – including bumper stickers! Check out these local and international websites for a sticker that suits your liking: Café Press Café press is an international online shop which includes different good buys. They also sell Filipino bumper

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Cars?

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The archipelago of the Philippines is naturally rich in renewable resources.  Hydropower, geothermal power, wind power, solar power, and biomass power plants dot the country, supplying renewable energy to the nation’s electrical grid. In Metro Manila, however, there still remains the issue of smoke belching from vehicles, more specifically from operational public transportation such as

7 Famous Racers from Around the World

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All cars need complete parts, whether in the interiors or exteriors, each car needs all of its pieces. Parts aren’t that difficult to find, as simple as looking for a muffler in the Philippines, you can just go around car shops to get what you need. While most average people take moderate care of their

Car detailing is an important part of keeping your car in the best possible condition. In the Philippines, car detailing is a process that sometimes goes unnoticed by common vehicle owners. At times, car owners tend to overlook mufflers in the Philippines when they get their vehicles cleaned and maintained. This should be corrected immediately.

All About Mufflers

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What is a muffler? Mufflers are called mufflers because they muffle the sound of a vehicle. They are part of a car’s exhaust system. In the Philippines, some see it as an accessory for their car and try to attach the biggest muffler possible on their cars. When a car’s engine burns fuel, it creates

What is Clutch Driving?

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The practice of clutch driving in the Philippines is one that is widespread, but thankfully, not popular. Yet the few who practice it really should refrain from doing so. Clutch driving is discouraged for many reasons, some of the most prominent being that the offending car increases both carbon pollution and noise pollution. Thankfully, the

Whoever thought being extra speedy on the track can cause a car to be forbidden from competing? These cars were not banned because of their muffler nor because of their drivers, but simply because of parts meant to be an innovation to make these cars faster; unfortunately, these innovations were found unfair to their competitors,

When it comes to cars, some may think speed is the name of the game. That’s not always the case – there are some vehicles whose lack in speed they make up for in quality, performance and design. Some examples include the Mazda Miata, Jeep Wrangler,  and Subaru Impreza. These three cars may be slow,