The best muffler seller in the Philippines would be one who also provides car maintenance and repair services, making them a one-stop auto shop. Auto shops ensure the lifespan of your vehicle by conducting necessary car maintenance and repair to maintain its optimal performance. But you don’t always have to go to them for every

How to Stop Being a Gas-Guzzler

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  Did you know that the type of muffler on your vehicle affects its fuel efficiency? Whether it is standard muffler or universal muffler, its purpose does go beyond minimizing the noise made by an internal combustion engine. The surprising fact is that it can also increase your gas mileage. Apart from installing the right

  Reputable muffler sellers in the Philippines do their best to ensure that their products are capable of reducing the noise of the vehicle, perform at its best, and do not emit any unusual smell. When you start to smell something off with your car, you’re definitely going to need to look into it. It

Top Causes of Car Breakdowns

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  There are few muffler sellers in the Philippines offering high-end yet affordable mufflers to provide best performance for its consumers. Apart from having technology advanced mufflers, owning an efficient battery, tires, and engine is also essential as these parts are important in keeping your vehicle in its best condition and maintaining its value. As

The History of Street Racing

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Several muffler sellers in the Philippines offer technologically advanced yet affordable mufflers that provide maximum noise reduction for their cars without compromising the vehicle’s performance. Street racers wouldn’t really want that – them, the noisier the better.   How did it start? Street racing has been around since 1930’s.  Sometime after WWII, G.I.s who had

6 Infamous Vehicles in History

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Cars generally have a very long history, particularly given the time and age you are in today. Several technological advancements have been made and incorporated to cater to the needs people have, whether it is practical or ostentatious. This is why car manufacturers from every country in the world including the Philippines that are muffler

4 Reasons to Go On a Spontaneous Road Trip

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When going on any trip in general, we usually create an itinerary to make sure we don’t miss anything. Even when simply travelling somewhere by road, we often follow a strict schedule to make sure we make reservations on time. These are surefire road trip protocols, as are checking your car to see if all

6 Popular Driving Games You Can Enjoy

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Car enthusiasts love anything that relates or is connected to driving and cars. For car owners, it’s important to be conscious about every aspect of their car, including the engine, wheels, universal muffler and so much more. On days we don’t feel like driving in the real world, we have an option to go for

Do you consider yourself a car enthusiast and have wondered about the very first automobile ever created? Who made it and why did they think to invent it in the first place? Maybe you are also curious about what parts they initially used prior to having modern car parts like a universal muffler. Allow us

The Different Types of Fuel

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Vehicles are technological marvels that people cannot live without. Cars, buses, jeeps, and trains are important because they transport people from one place to another. It is also important to take care of these vehicles to make sure they are working well. Every now and then, check for the functionality of its parts like the