Cars have become a staple in the modern society as it is used for commuting to work, taking our children to school, transporting goods, and goin on that occasional road trip. Our dependability on gas-powered vehicles is ever increasing, and the effects are not all good. The increase of car use means that pollution is

Since our machines’ fuels has a rap sheet as dark as their emissions, we have been looking for solutions and alternatives to these wranglers of the Earth. And thank goodness we have technology on our side, which, with the great human mind, continues to develop. If before we fueled our machines with coal, and for

A car’s exhaust system has evolved considerably over the years. With automotive manufacturers trying to outdo each other for the most eco-friendly car models, it’s no wonder that car designers are constantly trying to develop the exhaust system. But what exactly is an exhaust system, and how important is it that we should know more