Despite what everyone thinks, driving is not about enjoying 100% freedom while on the road. You still have to abide by several laws and responsibilities, rules and maneuvers, and countless decisions. Is the exhaust system doing okay? Should I fill my tank up? Dare I risk it and park in that no parking spot? When

Indicator lights serve to ensure a driver’s safety while on the road, providing warnings and alerts for conditions which might affect the car’s operation. It’s an important component of every vehicle, as equally essential as its exhaust system, its radiator, and its other metal parts. Below are just nine indicator lights you’ll find in the

8 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool

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It’s summer time and along with it comes the heat. Not only can it be punishing for you, but it could take its toll on your beloved vehicle as well. It leaves your ride’s exhaust system and air conditioner working double time, and, in the end, your car might overheat. To avoid this, here are

One of the things you should consider when your child graduates from college is buying him or her a car as a gift. Aside from it being a generous gesture, a car also helps a lot, especially when you consider how hard commuting in the Metro is. The thought of significantly contributing to the noise

Defensive driving, as defined by the National Safety Council, is “driving to save lives, time and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” In other words, it’s driving properly and efficiently while being consciously aware of what’s going on inside and outside your vehicle. Sadly, a lot of people

Drivers know all too well that, just like your exhaust system, you can get exhausted too (pun intended). After all, if machines can get tired, then so can human bodies. If not for the heavy traffic that usually clogs up the roads, driving in our country may just be smooth sailing, and when you say

We’ve already heard a lot about those car and racing films like The Fast and the Furious, Drive, and Rush. But while you’re too busy admiring their hot rides and their exhaust systems and engines, you might’ve missed some of the finer points of the story, particularly the drivers and their love lives. So let’s

Numerous racing films are action-packed, fast-paced, and adrenaline fueled, but they all seem to be made from the same thread. However, a breath of fresh air titled “Rush” was released in 2013, providing us with a serious, poignant, and terrifying look at the racing industry. Halfway through the film, we were introduced to the Nürburgring

From state-of-the-art exhaust systems to sleek and shiny frameworks, automobile companies produce vehicles in the same way painters and sculptors construct works of art. And like a prominent artist, the best car manufacturers strive nothing less than to outdo themselves each and every year, blessing us with incredibly sexy rides that all of us dream

With the seventh installment being released next year, it’s evident that the “Fast and Furious” franchise has no signs of slowing down. And why should it? With breathtaking racing sequences, irresistibly sexy cars, and monstrous mufflers that go “Roar!”, the first six films has made a total of 2.3 billion dollars worldwide – give or