Choosing the Right Muffler

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Having a vehicle just like those in the movie The Fast and the Furious will surely make you an instant celebrity just like Dominic Toretto. In the film, Toretto is a street car racing rock star known for the exquisite looks and exceptional performance of his vehicles. He produces one-of-a-kind and performing vehicles by using

All About Mufflers

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What is a muffler? Mufflers are called mufflers because they muffle the sound of a vehicle. They are part of a car’s exhaust system. In the Philippines, some see it as an accessory for their car and try to attach the biggest muffler possible on their cars. When a car’s engine burns fuel, it creates

6 Signs of Battery Trouble

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Power — it’s a word people can certainly associate with cars. To have your vehicle’s power at its maximums, you check your exhaust system as well as your engine to make sure everything’s in perfect shape. Now, how about checking your battery? After all, it is where your vehicle gets a good portion of its power from.

Car crashes are such an unpleasant thing to happen to anyone. Sometimes it can cause severe damage to your exhaust system or to your vehicle’s metal parts. Worse, it can also harm its most precious cargo — you and your passengers! A bad accident can cause terrible injuries which may result to amputations or worse,

3 Great Gifts Ideas for Fellow Gearheads

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It’s understandable for many motorists to not find it easy giving the right of way to their fellow drivers. However, you can make up for that by giving some of your gearhead friends a gift or two. After all, it’s Christmas, and after a year of taking a few bad routes and overtaking a little

Turning is one of the basics of driving. In fact, anyone, regardless of driving knowledge and expertise in exhaust systems and other car parts, can make their ride turn! Well, if that is the case, then why are we even talking about such a simple topic? That’s because everyone can make a car turn right,

You just can’t live life on the fast lane without the right car. That’s why celebrities only keep for themselves the hottest, most powerful, and most eye-catching whips. From their exteriors to their exhaust systems, these rides are state-of-the-art and unique—just like their owners. In a previous article, you got to know four celebrities and

Usually, car fires are attributed to failure of four of its components: the fuel, the fluids, the electrical systems, and the exhaust systems. If any of these gets bungled up, you’ll end up with a hot and fiery mess—literally! Nobody wants their sweet rides to go up in smoke. Hence, it’s important for you to

Tune ups should not be mistaken for regular vehicle maintenance. With regular maintenance, you’re simply checking up on the condition of the vehicle. In short, nothing needs to be replaced. With a tune up, however, you’re visiting the shop for no other purpose than to have certain components replaced. Both services must be done regularly

Everyone wants their cars to last long. Of course, you need to take really good care of your vehicle in order for it to do so, constantly checking whether or not its exhaust systems and radiators are working, giving it a paint job, and what not. Here are a few tips on how you can