Radiator coolant is an important part of the car. Without it, the car’s internal temperature would go haywire, causing it to overheat. That being said, it’s very important to check your coolant level every once in a while to see if everything is all right. If you’re a novice on all things mechanical, that’s okay.

When it comes to suspension technology, there’s no question that leaf springs are the best. With the use of several metal strips combined together to absorb shock and equalize weight distribution of a vehicle, leaf springs are much better in dealing with heavy cargo than coil-type suspension. But just like any car component, it will

The invention of the wheel has revolutionized the way people live their lives. Its birth has evolved our lives to a higher level. Travel has been made much more easier. Now, with the advantages comes disadvantages, and true enough, with cars, there will always be the dangers of accidents. But the good news is that

Just like any other car part, radiators are subject to the ‘ol wear and tear. Over time, debris, such as “black magnetite sludge” (caused by the rusting of components) may become lodged in the pipes, clogging it and causing symptoms such as overheating, interior heating, obvious coolant leaks below the car, and so on. Before

There are a lot of unseen or unknown parts a car has that are actually important in its overall performance. It’s not just about the wheels or the side mirrors, but also the brake fluid, brake disc, the radiator, and many more. Why? If you’re running low on brake fluid, your car’s brake system won’t

The radiator is a very important component of every vehicle due to its cooling function. A radiator basically keeps the most essential parts of a vehicle from reaching dangerously high temperature levels. An unregulated motor that becomes too hot may overheat and get damaged. That is exactly what the radiator is built to prevent; whether

As cars become more advanced technologically, so do the switches that come with them. In order for us to even begin to understand their concept, we must first be knowledgeable of the basics regarding car switches, the fuses that make them work properly, and the connectors that are used as blueprints by your local auto

Cars tend to overheat with prolonged use. That’s why there is a device that regulates the temperature of an automobile’s engine called the radiator. It balances the temperature of the engine by injecting coolant through a hose that looks like this: Over time, the hose can be damaged through continued use. The hose will be

You’re enjoying a fun and leisurely drive with your car and suddenly, you hear a ruckus under the hood. Rattling and booming noises erupt from your muffler that shatter a peaceful drive. Once you hear those disturbances and see them for yourself, you’ll know that it’s not a common cold that can be resolved with a simple

Buckling up isn’t the only way to prevent accidents from happening. Checking your suspension can also save you. Leafspring suspension work hand- in- hand with shock absorbers to give you that smooth ride on a bumpy road. Oxymoron? Not! A leaf spring suspension maintain your car’s level and keeps your tires on the road while