Tips on Restoring Your Old Car

Thursday, 30 March 2017 by

Over the years, the population of car enthusiasts has increased, especially those who adore vintage cars. Unfortunately, vintage cars may cost a fortune, which leads to vehicle buffs to just restore their old cars to achieve their dream classic cars.   Luckily enough, there are many available tips and tricks to follow to be successful

Summer is undeniably the perfect season to go on to adventures. This season is the great time to go to the beaches and various attractions around the country, and the best opportunity to fly to the different countries around the globe. However, for some people, summer time is for road trips with friends. Going on

The tires on your car go through a beating every time you go out for a drive the same way that your feet get sore after walking for miles. Having worn down tires doesn’t mean you’re a bad driver; it’s just an inevitable part of car ownership. The problem may not be as obvious as

With great power comes great responsibility. In other words: with great muscle comes an even greater need for proper auto maintenance. “Great” may be a big word, but hey, you don’t always need a professional mechanic to get the job done. Seriously, you don’t need to start researching on steel tubes and camshafts to do

We all know how much it sucks when rust ruins our cars paint job. But this inconvenience can turn into a disease if left untreated as it can spread to essential parts like the suspension, U-Bolt, radiator and other metal parts. Remember that rust will do more than hamper your car’s aesthetic value. It can

For every automobile, the steel tubes are the framework, the engine is its lungs, while the battery is the heart. Alongside the engine, the battery is responsible for making automobiles, well, mobile. Batteries usually last up to four years, but wouldn’t every car owner be happier if they lasted significantly longer than that? Here are

A couple of weeks ago, we went through the different parts of the exhaust system. In this entry, we’re going straight to business and talk about the things you can do to make your exhaust system last. We all know that your car’s exhaust system plays a crucial role in ensuring that your car runs

While we’re getting a bit of relief from the summer heat because of the rainy season, that doesn’t mean that you can start neglecting our car’s air-conditioning system. Sure, it may not be first on your agenda whenever you take your car to the shop for a look into its metal parts, but if you’re

  Together with the engine and suspensions, the exhaust system is one of the key elements that determine a vehicle’s overall performance. To understand more about its function and the maintenance required to keep it going, we’ve here at Roberts AIPMC have come up with this post explaining how exhaust systems work.   What are

They say cleanliness is close to Godliness. This moving statement applies not only to the big things that need to be tidied up, but also to the small things. In this case, we’ll be talking about a small, but important part of an automobile: the muffler. We often hear the word, but what is it,