As cars become more advanced technologically, so do the switches that come with them. In order for us to even begin to understand their concept, we must first be knowledgeable of the basics regarding car switches, the fuses that make them work properly, and the connectors that are used as blueprints by your local auto

Color Sanding What’s the last thing that comes to mind when you play around with the thought of repainting your car? Could it be, by any chance, sand paper? Have you actually ever seen sandpaper being used a newly painted vehicle? Not the prettiest sight to behold, is it? Especially if it’s going to be

Roberts AIMPC’s Soundex Mufflers

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Replacing car parts is an arduous thing to do. For one, you need to find a skilled mechanic to make sure the job is done well for a high cost. Another, you need to choose meticulously for the right type of parts for your car. It may be in size, color, design, eco-friendliness, special add-ons,

What is Metal Stamping?

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What is it for? This science of metalworking has long been utilized over the millennia, and its cost-effective and mass-producing nature makes it an irreplaceable process for a number of industries. Industries range from intricate production such as jewelry, surgical instruments, and auto parts, to massive manufacturing such as ships, engineering machines, and bridges.  

The Different types of Car Radiators

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Before walking into a radiator shop in the Philippines, it’s best to know what type of car radiator to get in the event that it does break down. From the early years of the automotive industry up until today, various materials have been used to construct radiators. As the technology of car production progressed, so

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How Does a Radiator Work?

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There are little things in our car that we take for granted. For instance, do you even wonder how the car’s engine can still function under unreasonable hot weather? Or have you ever thought about how your precious vehicle doesn’t overheat and conk out after prolonged use? The answer is pretty simple really: All these

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How to Diagnose a Clogged Muffler

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A car’s muffler or exhaust pipe is responsible for its smooth and bearable sound. The best mufflers are library quiet, canceling out as much noise as possible. But like most equipment, mufflers also suffer from wear and tear and congestions inside the pipe. In most cases, it’s hard to detect blockages in the tailpipe because

Cars tend to overheat with prolonged use. That’s why there is a device that regulates the temperature of an automobile’s engine called the radiator. It balances the temperature of the engine by injecting coolant through a hose that looks like this: Over time, the hose can be damaged through continued use. The hose will be

Traffic is a driver’s worst nightmare. There’s nothing like a jam on the road to ruin their day. Some parts of the globe have it worse than the rest. In this entry, we’ll take a look at 10 places in the world who have the misfortune of having the worst traffic. Detroit, Michigan – Dubbed as the “Motor

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You’re enjoying a fun and leisurely drive with your car and suddenly, you hear a ruckus under the hood. Rattling and booming noises erupt from your muffler that shatter a peaceful drive. Once you hear those disturbances and see them for yourself, you’ll know that it’s not a common cold that can be resolved with a simple