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Cars tend to overheat with prolonged use. That’s why there is a device that regulates the temperature of an automobile’s engine called the radiator. It balances the temperature of the engine by injecting coolant through a hose that looks like this: Over time, the hose can be damaged through continued use. The hose will be

Traffic is a driver’s worst nightmare. There’s nothing like a jam on the road to ruin their day. Some parts of the globe have it worse than the rest. In this entry, we’ll take a look at 10 places in the world who have the misfortune of having the worst traffic. Detroit, Michigan – Dubbed as the “Motor

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You’re enjoying a fun and leisurely drive with your car and suddenly, you hear a ruckus under the hood. Rattling and booming noises erupt from your muffler that shatter a peaceful drive. Once you hear those disturbances and see them for yourself, you’ll know that it’s not a common cold that can be resolved with a simple

Save up with Tiger Leaf Spring

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Your car is composed of various parts with various functions. Oftentimes, understanding the anatomy and function of the collective purposes of your car components may seem like rocket science. Finding the best possible solution to a broken car isn’t always easy. Like many other drivers, perhaps you’re having problems with the maintenance of the different

A leaf spring, or a carriage spring, is a simple type of spring usually utilized for wheeled vehicles. Also, it is one of the oldest sorts of springing in medieval times. One the advantages of a leaf spring over a regular spring, which is helical, is that the leaf spring’s end might be directed along

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Not all radiators are made equal Even with good maintenance of your radiator, it’s undeniable that the time may come when you need to replace it. Whether it gets busted by way of natural disasters or just wear and tear – let’s face it, not all radiators are made equal – some just aren’t made

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Buckling up isn’t the only way to prevent accidents from happening. Checking your suspension can also save you. Leafspring suspension work hand- in- hand with shock absorbers to give you that smooth ride on a bumpy road. Oxymoron? Not! A leaf spring suspension maintain your car’s level and keeps your tires on the road while