Roberts AIPMC

Roberts AIPMC traces its roots to the RGC Group – maker of Uratex Foam and one of the leading polyurethane foam manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Established in 1968, the RGC Group has since grown into the RGC Group of Companies and diversified its product lines from the original foam products to include plastics, textiles, and automotive and industrial parts.

Address: RGC Compound, Canlubang Industrial Estate, Brgy. Pittland, Cabuyao Laguna, Philippines 4025

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The invention of the wheel has revolutionized the way people live their lives. Its birth has evolved our lives to a higher level. Travel has been made much more easier. Now, with the advantages comes disadvantages, and true enough, with cars, there will always be the dangers of accidents. But the good news is that

Our treasured automobiles are our modes of transportation that get us to our desired destinations, which underlines the fact that we have to take great care of ‘em. One habit that will prevent us from achieving this is by recklessly driving our cars through very bad driving conditions. And unless we take the necessary precautions,

We all come to a point in our lives when we believe that we know all there is to know about our cars. Most of us, however, are not certified mechanics and it is merely our ego that tells us that we can fix whatever needs fixing. But, in the bigger picture called reality, there

On April 3-6 2014 from 10AM-10PM, the World Trade Center in Pasay City opened its doors for car buyers and enthusiasts alike for the annual Manila International Auto Show. The event celebrated its 10th year of providing a rich display of automobiles, which included the launching of the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Organized by Worldbex Services International

Over the years, there have been a lot of advancements to automotive safety. Some may actually say that the safety feature of today’s cars automatically drives you out of harm’s way. To the credit of the manufacturer’s, they have really done a fine job in making sure that the overall function and look of their

Most car lovers out there are just fanatical about taking care of their pride and joy, which is a really good attitude to have if one really wants to make the most out of his investment. It is true that with the wear and tear of everyday use, the value of a car decreases in

Just like any other car part, radiators are subject to the ‘ol wear and tear. Over time, debris, such as “black magnetite sludge” (caused by the rusting of components) may become lodged in the pipes, clogging it and causing symptoms such as overheating, interior heating, obvious coolant leaks below the car, and so on. Before

There are a lot of unseen or unknown parts a car has that are actually important in its overall performance. It’s not just about the wheels or the side mirrors, but also the brake fluid, brake disc, the radiator, and many more. Why? If you’re running low on brake fluid, your car’s brake system won’t

People aren’t the only ones you can do a makeover on. Your car deserves one, too! Don’t let its look fade away before your very eyes; bring back the luster it once had and fall in love with it all over again. Of course, the health of your car parts will always be your priority,

Car wrapping is a practice in marketing that turns a certain vehicle into an “advertisement on wheels” while complimenting its design and accentuating its metal stamping. Though this process has proven to be effective in a lot of advertising campaigns, car wrapping also has its advantages and setbacks, and they are as follows: The Pros