• 28/08/2015in Mufller

    Be Careful! 5 Causes of Road Accidents You Should Avoid

    Nobody likes getting involved in car accidents. Not only would you be held accountable for your actions in case you got somebody hurt, but you’ll also have to face with loads of complicated paperwork as well as pay for the damages done on yours and other other’s vehicle, mufflers and all.   Thus, it’s of...
  • 26/08/2015in Mufller

    7 Weird but Wonderful Ways to Repurpose Old Car Parts

    Sometimes you just have to give up on your car and surrender it to its gods (if ever they have one). If your mechanic recommends replacing practically everything from the muffler to the brake pads to even the engine, then maybe it’s better to just buy a new vehicle instead, especially if it’s too pricey...