• 19/08/2014in Automotive Advice

    A/T Vs. M/T: Which One’s for You?

    Every driver should know the two basic transmissions that allow cars to move: the Manual Transmission (M/T) and the Automatic Transmission (A/T). Simply, a car’s transmission allows it to shift between gears (that’s usually from 1 to 5) or functions, which are park, reverse, neutral, drive, and low gear (for climbing slopes). Familiar? Yeah, it’s...
  • 15/08/2014in Automotive News

    Time-Warped: Cars of the Future that Are Here Now

    In dreaming of a sweet ride, you usually reach for the sexiest muscle cars or the fastest race cars, don’t you? Not that it’s the wrong way of dreaming, it’s just that you can go for what’s better: cars of the future! Why? Well, whether you believe it or not, these may be more reachable...