• 09/01/2018in Steel Tubes

    3 Must-See Car Racing Events This 2018

    What are some absolutely smashing racing events you have to look out for this 2018? Monaco Grand Prix Le Mans Classic Goodwood Revival Amidst the Philippines tropical haven, car enthusiasts rev their excitement in anticipative glee for what is to come this 2018. If you’re not exactly a die-hard motorsport fan and don’t exactly know...
  • 22/12/2017in U-bolts

    5 Racing Animes Auto Enthusiasts Should Watch

    Which anime series are highly recommended for auto enthusiasts?  Capeta IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix Mach GO GO GO Wangan Midnight Initial D   Dozens of major racing events happen across the world each month, faithfully watched by millions of fans on a regular basis. From U-Bolt sellers in the Philippines to your regular citizen, everyone...