• 26/02/2015in Automotive Advice

    The Dummies’ Guide to Understanding the Practice of Car Rotation

    There are different forms of car rotation, and the one being implemented in Metro Manila is called the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVRP). Its goal is to bring down congestion rates in the already very congested roads of the Metro. Basically, it’s a day off for your car and its steel tubes. History The...
  • 24/02/2015in Metal Parts

    Car Care 101: Remembering What the B.L.O.W.F.A.T.C.H. Is

    The acronym B.L.O.W.F.A.T.C.H. (It’s actually quite longer!) represents components and conditions of a vehicle that every driver (amateurs and professionals alike) must be aware of other than mufflers, engines, and U-bolts. We know it’s sound like a mouthful, but you best know what it is if you want to drive safely and smoothly. Don’t worry;...