• 31/03/2015in Cars

    Car Care 101: Cleaning your Car’s Carpeting like a Pro

    Cleaning your car’s carpeting may not seem as important as maintaining your exhaust system, but it actually is. In fact, it should be part of your basic car maintenance checklist. You may not have the flashiest ride out there, but if you do your part in caring for your car, it’s guaranteed to be smooth...
  • 30/03/2015in Cars

    Not Just in the Mind: 6 Cool Concept Cars for 2015

    Let’s take a break from discussing your car’s exhaust system for awhile and take time to drool over this year’s concept cars. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the manufacturers were not just eager to show off their ingenuity, but also the creativity and hard work that they put in each car. Judging by the...