• 30/06/2015in Mufller

    Car Troubleshooting: Tips on Jump-Starting a Dead Car Battery

    Well, this sucks! There you are, tired after a hard day’s work. All you wanted to do was to just go home and rest. But as you try gunning the engine, nothing happens! You check the muffler, the gearbox—still nothing!   Chances are, your car battery is dead, and you need to jump start it...
  • 26/06/2015in Mufller

    What a Car-toon! 5 Hot Rides from Your All-time Favorite Animated Series

    Watching animated shows is part of every child’s routine every Saturday morning. And more often than not, they sit there raptly, amused by all the talking animated characters and envious of their fancy cars! Some of these hot rides have insane designs, equipped with oversized mufflers, and lined with the craziest combination of colors. Listed...