• 08/09/2017in Muffler

    Getting the Car Ready for a Long Road Trip pt. 1

    How do I get my car ready for a long roadtrip? Get an oil change if your car is due for it. You can check by checking if your oil is black, gritty, or below minimum. Always have enough radiation fluid and change it every 80,000 km. Always have enough transmission fluid and change it...
  • 30/08/2017in Steel Tubes

    Using Steel Tubes for a DIY Skateboard Grindrail

      How do I make my own skateboard grind rail? Get some steel tubes, plate steel, a welder, steel primer, and a steel cutter. Cut off the tube into two short legs and one long rail. Cut the steel into bases for the rail. Weld the legs to the feet and the rail to the...