• 29/09/2014in Steel Tubes

    7 Ultimate Sing-Along Songs for Your Barkada’s Road Trip

    You dearly love music, your barkada, and especially road trips—but don’t admit that you love the adventure more than your friends. You’ll be dead before the next U-turn! So what better way to celebrate your love for the two than to have a super, duper, mega, awesome, ultra, cool, bongga, bonanza road trip somewhere down...
  • 26/09/2014in Cars

    “Such Wheels. Much Wow.” The 4 Sexiest Cars of the 21st Century

    You just can’t resist the ladies. With their sultry curves and smooth skin, their smoking hot bods are your senses’ ultimate Wonderland. And you’re alright with just looking, maybe even a little bit of touching now and then, but you can’t tame the ladies, especially since they’re always on the run. It may pinch your...