• 18/01/2016in Mufller

    5 Easy Car Repairs You Can Do at Home

    You shouldn’t always leave car repairs at the hands of professionals, although you must rely on them for more complicated car issues. You can still do your part as the owner to look out for it, looking for any miniscule problems on the muffler, radiator, roof rack, and other parts, and making the simple diagnosis...
  • 13/01/2016in U-bolts

    Going Off Road: 4 Vehicles You Can Drive Through Tough Terrain

    The Philippines is a lovely country, with so many beautiful landscapes. While driving in Manila leaves a lot to be desired, that’s not the case with the provinces and islands that make up this wonderful archipelago. Beware, though, because not all cars are designed to take on tough terrain. Still, if you insist on driving...