• 20/11/2014in Exhaust System

    6 Amazing Roads you have to Drive through before you Die

    If there is one other thing you have to love other than your pampered ride and driving itself, it has to be the road. After all, where will you drive if not through it? Plus, it’s easy to love the road, especially since our world has an abundance of such a beauty to grab and...
  • 18/11/2014in Exhaust System

    Knowing your Car: Diagnosing the Different Types of Exhaust Smokes

    Sure, it is normal for your car to blow out smoke—after all, it has an exhaust system that pulls burned fuel away from combustion and out of the engine. Just like the human body, this is exactly how it should be: the body intakes fuel and secretes all wastes. Connected to that, we have one...