• 31/07/2015in Mufller

    The Road Markers and Traffic Lights You’ll Encounter While Driving

    Aside from various car parts like mufflers and radiators, you should also know about the different road markers and traffic lights that you will encounter while on the road. These essential in helping you avoid accidents or injuries while driving. Let’s check out a few below: Road Markings Solid White Lines These separate the road...
  • 29/07/2015in Mufller

    “President behind the Wheel” 4 Philippine Commanders-in-Chief and Their Hot Rides

    The Philippines is country to thousands of car enthusiasts. Heck, even some of its presidents sports a few sets of hot wheels, figuratively (and literally) driving the point home! We guess there’s something about the strong purr of the engine, the muffler’s silence, and the car’s overall look and performance that drives these men crazy....