• Car Care 101: 5 Tricks to Boost your Battery’s Lifespan

    For every automobile, the steel tubes are the framework, the engine is its lungs, while the battery is the heart. Alongside the engine, the battery is responsible for making automobiles, well, mobile. Batteries usually last up to four years, but wouldn’t every car owner be happier if they lasted significantly longer than that? Here are...
  • 23/07/2014in Automotive Advice

    “I Drive…” Fundamental Tips for the First-Time Driver

    First-time drivers are always eager to grab the keys, turn on the engine, step on the accelerator, and dominate the steering wheel. They yearn to experience the exhilaration of hearing those metal parts roar as you step on the gas and cruise open roads unhindered by traffic. However, it is also typical for a first-time driver...