• 15/12/2014in Steel Tubes

    Car Care 101: 5 Tips in Maintaining that Glorious Paint Job

    Automobiles, if given proper care by its owner, can pretty much turn a humble citizen into The King of the Road. And one of the many customizations that will surely enhance your ride’s aesthetics is by giving it a glorious paint job. Once you’ve picked the design, paid for the process, and seen the result,...
  • 11/12/2014in Exhaust System

    Family Road Trip: 7 Ways to Stay Entertained during the Long Ride

    Dad’s vacation leaves have been approved! Mom is finally convinced that the house is clean enough! School is out for the kids ‘til the year’s end! And to make things all the more perfect, the essential car components such as the engine, exhaust system, and tires have already gone through its mandatory check-up. If you’ve...